Drillimation’s IFTTT Operations Made Easy API Transition

The above image is the email that all IFTTT users who have at least one Twitter integration received last Friday.

Despite concerns about Drillimation’s applets on IFTTT would break down after Twitter made the API upgrade on Monday, it appeared to be the bugs that would bite the applets during the transition never did so. All of Drillimation’s applets continued to work as normal.

While hundreds of IFTTT applets that make use of the Twitter integration were likely to fail on Monday’s transition, most of them appear to be operating normally with little to no issues. None of them have caused serious disruptions. The full extent of the impact is unknown as time moves on from that day.

Despite most concerns about applets failing, no major problems at Drillimation were experienced during the transition. The transition also brings in more concerns as Twitter could purge small bots, leading to possible reductions in follower counts.

The decision for the API change was following the launch of Twitter Blue in November of last year. Twitter Blue made it easy for fraudsters to create copycat accounts, leading to half of all high-paying advertisers boycotting the social media giant, and spread misinformation. Additionally, this came when Twitter cut ties with third-party services such as Twitterific and Tweetbot.

Were the changes worth it? Was the lack of the bug biting a triumph of IFTTT carefully preparing for the transition? We may never know. IFTTT will always be prepared to take action if something fails or goes haywire.



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