The Truth on Why Youkai-Borns and Half-Youkai are Stronger Than Humanoids

Punchlines.AI stated that humanoids are more powerful than youkai-borns. The truth for us is the opposite. But why is that? We’ll have to dig deeper into the mysteries of people who have both humanoid and youkai-born genes.

A lot of people are unaware that youkai-born females have a second heart. Normally, there’s supposed to be only one heart in most mammals. But where is the second one? You might assume it would be only found in pregnant women, and while that might be the answer, many people in Kozan are unaware that a female youkai-born’s second heart is located in the area for the placenta of their developing child.

By default, youkai-born females are born with this special heart intact. During pregnancy, this second heart pumps a lot more blood into the developing child. It is possible for female humanoids to get this second heart if the father is a youkai-born or half-youkai. This second heart develops while the placenta is developing, and this heart is retained after birth. Some may assume they have become a youkai-born at that point, but no.

At that point, you should understand why Kagami Ochiai is stronger than her humanoid partner Susumu Takajima. Kagami’s mother, Kisumi Torisawa, pumped all of that blood from that secondary heart during her first pregnancy.


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