Drillimation Could Be A Ways Away From the Blue Checkmark

Just as Twitter experienced an outage when the system was being upgraded to allow for longer tweets and Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct was underway, Drillimation realized this was a Twitter Blue-only feature, which requires a subscription.

In the past, the Blue Checkmark was reserved only to verified users, such as businesses and high-profile figures. When Twitter Blue allowed users to have that Blue Checkmark, it was easily abused, leading to the company introducing Gold for verified accounts and Silver checkmarks for government accounts.

Getting the check requires users to meet extensive criteria. It is listed under the site’s verification policy. Some of these requirements include having a display name and profile pic, being active over the past month, and the account must be at least three months old with a confirmed phone number.

Twitter can deny the check if the account had any recent changes to the profile picture, display name, or username. Additionally, the account must not be misleading or deceptive, as well as engaging in any platform manipulation or spam (such as posting in irrelevant hashtags). Additionally, Twitter has the right to remove a checkmark at any time with or without notice under their jurisdiction.

The Drillimation Twitter account has over 5,400 followers as of this writing. We are a ways away before we can apply for that blue checkmark.


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