BREAKING: Drillimation Suffered Partial Outage on the Day of the Lotus Land Story NES Demake’s Release

Drillimation Systems today is back online after they suffered a brief power failure on the day the Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story NES Demake had released. This is the second game in a row where Drillimation suffered a power failure on the day of a game’s release. Local utility company Penelec said that on February 11, 2021, at 12:20 PM EST, a tree in the eastern part of Millcreek Township, the ward where Drillimation is based, fell down and clashed with a power pole, causing a dip in voltage throughout the Erie area.

The only thing that is certain in Drillimation’s world is electricity. Having an outage on the day of a game’s release is anything but certain. Drillimation, on average, releases two to three games a year, and all games up until Touhou 3: The Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams NES Demake were released without any disruption in electricity.

Drillimation immediately notified FirstEnergy about the problem. This was certainly game day again for Drillimation, and we couldn’t certainly get out of the locker room. Drillimation does have backup systems in case of an outage and put out this tweet below. According to Penelec, it took two and a half hours to restore power to the affected people.

Drillimation is considering installing solar panels to get constant power even where there are no power lines to power Drillimation.


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