The History of The Grimoire of Flandre

The Grimoire of Flandre is Flandre Scarlet’s autobiographical manifesto and Shinto religious text. In the Drillimation Danmaku Universe timeline, Flandre was born in 1677. Flandre began writing her book at the age of ten while imprisoned in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. While she received very few visitors, she devoted herself to the book. Following Flandre’s escape in 1687, sales of the book began to soar as she gave copies of it to her disciples and followers.

The Grimoire of Flandre eventually became regarded as a manifesto for hatred against youkai-borns. The world got their first glimpse of Flandre and the Scarlet Devil Army that she led during the 1690s and early 18th century. Her communist political views and goal of wanting a homogenous state of only humanoids paved the way for dividing the country. Flandre’s elder sister, Remilia Scarlet, had a different view of wanting to kill humanoids. Furthermore, many humanoids in Eastern Kozan converted themselves to youkai-borns to avoid this, but coming into contact with Flandre could end up setting a different story for them.

It was The Grimoire of Flandre that helped pave the way. The book, alongside her Shinto teachings, helped pave the way that would eventually lead to the loss of many youkai-borns in the Scarlet Devil War, which took place between 1710 to 1716. Before and during the conflict, more than a million copies were printed and sold, with the majority of them being given to followers and disciples of Flandre.

After the conflict in 1716 and when Flandre Scarlet died (she was 29), the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan seized the copyright to Flandre’s work, and Queen Marisa refused to allow any reprinting of the book in order to avoid another uprising like this. Seven decades later in 1786, the copyright to the book expired and entered the public domain. The book ended up back in Kozanese libraries and bookstores within the first week of that year, marking it the first time that the book had been reprinted. Many youkai-borns who studied the conflict in Kozanese schools were concerned about reopening it.

Many were not impressed about the book being in wider circulation in Kozan and eventually the rest of the world, given the hateful contents on youkai-borns. As a result of the book entering the public domain in Kozan, the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan outright banned the original version and only allowed the book to be reprinted in an academic format, giving a detailed analysis of Flandre’s text, including explaining Flandre’s lies and other false information.

Flandre’s original, unchallenged version was still sold in countries outside Kozan and today, is online. Many called it a “communist bible” exposing the horrific past in the Federal Kingdom of Kozan’s early years.


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