Current Status on Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!’s Development

Greetings players.

It’s been over a month since the Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! demo released and I am proud to say that the main campaign is finally done. This means that all eight stages are fully complete. The only things we have left are the post-game extra stage, as well as the credits and endings. We had ten weeks to get the last five stages done; we got it done in six. But now we have two weeks to get the extra stage done. Like the previous Chuhou Joutai, there’s a post-game stage that is unlocked after you beat the main game with both characters and shot types (this unlocks its corresponding achievement).

We really do not want to spoil the ending of Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided!, but the deadline to get the whole game done is on May 31, 2021. We hope we can get it done on time and released on Steam. Currently, the demo is only available on If you would like to try it, you can click here to access its page.

We hope you have a good day.


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