Drillimation Systems Has Officially Voted to Leave Mercyhurst University

Last week, on March 16, 2021, the Prophet Driller of Drillimation Systems has officially voted to leave Mercyhurst University in a referendum. As spring has officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, despite the shock given to a few of his colleagues, it could reveal some of the first consequences and bitterly determine Drillimation’s future. As the Prophet noted his intent to leave in the March 2021 Monthly Update, he had told his friends and family about this difficult decision. He had fought from being forced to stay. His parents and counselors had objected to the decision he was making, but his professors were supportive, ultimately leaving to the objectors losing the argument.

The Prophet Driller will do all he can once he leaves and accepts the fate that comes with dropping out of college. He will steady himself within the weeks and months of leaving. He is the captain whose First Amendment rights will let him steer to his next destination: Whitethorn Digital. Other consequences include having to give up his health insurance and scholarship. He doesn’t have a car yet, so Uber will have to be the way for him to get around. His leave campaign called financial warnings that could impact him. Hopefully if Chuhou Joutai 2: Paraided! succeeds in the market, he could sustain himself. Those fears are now turning into reality.

Many objected to his decision in what appears to be a 2:1 ratio. Staying would allow him to complete his degree, but the Prophet lost interest to his field of study thanks to Drillimation’s social media platforms growing at a rate of more than 100 new followers a month. His dropout would make it his independence day.

And a word from our Prophet:

I believe this withdrawal will give me new opportunities to find work in the video game industry. This partnership with Whitethorn will help get White Javelin into the market and hopefully fund Drillimation. It’s helped other devs that had games published by Whitethorn get into the market.

The decision will split Drillimation into its first foray of being independent. The vote had laid the path for the future. Drillimation’s future, however, is uncertain. It’s not clear if the Prophet can hang on to the games he’s worked on.


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