Criminology Lab: Man Flying SPASDOT Flag in Suzu Valley Neighborhood of Kozankyo Sparks Concerns

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on and narrated this KBN Evening News report on May 26, 1997. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: A man who lives in the Suzu Valley neighborhood of Kozankyo apparently raised a flag that has also raised concerns that the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson may be returning. Here’s Kisumi Torisawa.

Kisumi: For weeks, a SPASDOT flag was apparently put on display here in the Suzu Valley neighborhood in Kozankyo. Many people who live near the home within the quiet neighborhood had no idea what the flag even meant, until recently when they saw more violence in Central Kozan and seeing SPASDOT waving the flag. The redness on the flag symbolizes a communist extremist group. According to one witness:

“I saw a red flag up there, and you couldn’t obviously tell what it was because the wind isn’t blowing all the time. Somebody apparently saw it and posted it.”

When this picture hit LifeConnect, neighbors surrounding the home notified police and the man living here took the flag down and put up something else without causing concern. The man we’re talking about cannot be arrested for displaying such a flag on his property because it is his First Amendment right to do so, but what has happened is he is now under the radar of the Kozanese Royal Defense Force. In fact, police paid him a visit just yesterday.

A retired Kozankyo police officer was living doors away from where the flag was on display. The man he wanted to talk to is asking why hang such a flag was no where to be found. His neighbors say he’s a loner.

Anchor: What a story, Kisumi. Thank you.


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