Drillimation Instagram Liking Activity Has Temporarily Returned

Following Instagram’s removal of the recent tab for all hashtag pages for US users in order to curb misinformation on the 2020 election, Drillimation had been absent in liking IndieGameDev posts on Instagram. One feature, in particular, being location pages, did not have the recent tab removed. Drillimation decided to switch to rapid-liking posts via this feature as Instagram for the first part didn’t remove the tab.

Drillimation’s liking activity on Instagram won’t return to normal likely until January 5, 2021. This is the day the run-off Senate elections for the state of Georgia are supposed to take place. Instagram removed the recent tab for US users on October 30, 2020 prior to the election and was originally supposed to return following the Presidential election, but the tab went nowhere. This led to speculation the tab could be out for the entirety of November. Even after November ended, the tab didn’t return.


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