Mock-up of Drillimation’s Website Appears in Squirrel Monkey’s Newest Video

No, the Drillimation website was not made in Wix.

Squirrel Monkey, a YouTuber known for taking modern-day services and imagining them if we had them in like the 1980s and 1990s, featured Chuhou Joutai in his newest video. We have struck two deals with him to help get Chuhou Joutai’s word out. The first time was way back in September 2019 when he posted a link to the game’s page in his community tab of his channel.

This second one came to be lucky for us. Sales of the game were so slow we thought we were going to lose money, but thankfully, a small cult following emerged with Kagami Ochiai being featured in Catch Hina! and another YouTuber making Garry’s Mod videos featuring the titular duo in a few episodes. In the future maybe a TVTropes page for the game will be created to get more of the word out.

Some of the initial viewers of the video said that one heard of Drillimation before Chuhou Joutai was even a thing. Another said the Prophet would be happy and a few were hyped due to it being a game similar to Touhou Project. One player compared it to the mediocre Back to the Future game on the NES but considered it “way better.” In the end, Drillimation was credited, along with the URL to this site being posted in the description, likely to increase views. We need that traffic so we can grow.


2 thoughts on “Mock-up of Drillimation’s Website Appears in Squirrel Monkey’s Newest Video

  1. Nintendon’t here. I was shocked to be your website in your video, i was so shocked i thought they just found a random website to make a 8-bit version out of!
    You’re lucky getting this much promotion, Driller.
    I might get Chuhou Joutai when it comes out, who knows!


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