Next Two Weeks From June 25: Get Chuhou Joutai for 10% off!

Did you know Kisumi Torisawa is a trained geisha?

Got to-do lists filling up? We sure do, as today marks the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere. When this happens, the summer craze begins as we have reached the maximum tilt towards the sun. Unfortunately, we can’t go anywhere due to the pandemic, but Chuhou Joutai is a way to relax while staying home. For the next two weeks starting June 25, we are offering the game for 10% off.

Recalling my odyssey last year, Kyoto is what I visited during the trip and is also the city to meet geisha, and for the girls, you can get a maiko makeover, all they do is give you the hair, the makeup, and the kimono. Did you know Kisumi Torisawa is a trained geisha despite being a journalist? Her daughter Kagami wants to be one too, and she’s training for it.

When we hit the longest day, those days can’t get any longer and at this moment, will start to get shorter and shorter until we reach the winter solstice in December. Just check out what our neighbors in the Southern Hemisphere are doing on their shortest day of the year.

We need more copies of the game to sell, so be sure you get the game on Steam today. Click here for more details.


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