English Translation for 4Gamer.net Article on Chuhou Joutai

This is a complete English translation for the 4Gamer.net article for Chuhou Joutai from Japanese. The original article’s name is Chuhou Joutai Danmaku Shooter to Release on May 22nd. Steam Storepage is Open.

The store page of the 2D danmaku shooter Chuhou Joutai by Drillimation Systems Co., Ltd. has opened on Steam, with a release date of May 22, 2020 being revealed. The game is said to support Japanese.

According to the store page, the official name is Chuhou Joutai: The Legend of the Mysterious Real Driller; it is set in the fictional country of Kozan and follows the antics of the terrorist group SPASDOT. It is a shooter game with a motif of a 1980s arcade game in which the recruits of Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai are operated to defeat SPASDOT’s leader in the fictional city of Kozankyo.

The game was created by a 20-year-old American college student who goes by the handle of Susumu Takajima, who did the game’s graphics, programming, and soundtrack. This game is full of enemies attacking in various patterns across eight stages. It is said there is from the trailer released in May 2019, you can understand the intensity of the game where the screen is covered in bullets without any escape.

Some of us are also confused that the hand-painted art can be called a “hetuma,” but the official website says they want to sell it in the Japanese market as well, as he has had four years of Japanese since high school. It was also said the translation was done as a result of him learning Japanese.

We can’t make any reservations for now, but if you’re interested, put it on your wishlist. Indie game website itch.io also offers a free trial version and a beta for 500 yen, so check it out if you’re willing to.

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