Theorysonic – A Third Technology Rival!?

What’s that tiny logo on her phone!?

This is a company’s logo you’ve probably seen in Chuhou Joutai, right? Well, here’s more.

This, is Theorysonic

That logo in pixels is actually Theorysonic, a global technology company based in El Kadsre’s capital, El Kadsre City. The company was originally founded in 1961 as a bug-repellent manufacturer, before ultimately becoming an electronics company in 1964. Today, they are mainly a computer manufacturer, but they also sell televisions and radios, MP3 players, and provides online services. You can say it’s like Microsoft and Apple combined.

No, the Prophet Driller did not create Theorysonic, but one of Chuhou Joutai‘s designers, Tyler “Blue91233” Harper, did. He’s also credited for creating the Digits typeface used in the game, which he freely licensed to Drillimation Systems upon request.


The company saw its roots from founders Victor Nelsen, Terell Harvey, and Ovidio Tanaka while they were camping at Cobona National Park, which is located somewhere in the El Kadsreian islands, who knows. They founded it as a way to protect campers from pests by manufacturing mosquito bands, insect sprays, and repellent coils. You can say it’s like the competitor to Raid.

In the mid-1960s, the company decided to shift away from insect repellent and instead foray into electronics. Their first products were televisions and radios, which were top sellers in the market. The headquarters building for Theorysonic began construction in 1963 and concluded in 1965. The following year, their first subsidiary, Theorysonic Australia, was established in Docklands. This was followed by subsidiaries in Auckland, New Zealand in 1968, becoming Theorysonic New Zealand. Within the same year, they opened offices in Tokyo with Theorysonic Japan and the United States with Theorysonic America in Atlanta. In 1969, Theorysonic Europe was established in the United Kingdom.

Following declining sales of their insect repellents, Theorysonic ceased production in 1968. Terell Harvey was not satisfied with the discontinuation in favor of electronics, and ultimately left the company in 1975 to form his own, being a company named after himself, which manufactures what Theorysonic used to.

In 1973, Theorysonic released the world’s first desktop computer TS-Desk alongside its flagship operating system TS-OS (Theorysonic Operating System). This came two months before the Xerox Alto came into the market. The following year, the company began manufacturing Pong consoles under the Tournament brand. 1978 saw the release of the Portosic media player line. This was followed by Portosic CD in 1984 and Portosic Mini in 2001. 1982 saw the company open more subsidiaries in Southeast Asia. This included manufacturing plants in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines. In the mid-1980s, the TS-OS name was changed to the more advanced Ultra-Graphical Operating System (UGOS).

In 1996, Theorysonic released the Theoryphone. It was a huge success, selling 8 million units within the first three years.

Corporate Structure

Just like any major technology company, Theorysonic holds numerous localized offices across the globe. They include:

North America

  • United States: Located in Atlanta, Georgia, established in 1968


  • United Kingdom: Likely located in London, established in 1969


  • Japan: Located in Tokyo, established in 1968
  • Philippines: Located in Makati City, established in 1982
  • Singapore: Established in 1982


  • Australia: Located in Docklands, Victoria (within Melbourne), established in 1966
  • New Zealand: Located in Auckland, established in 1968

Products featured in Chuhou Joutai

The Theoryphone and Portosic Mini make appearances in the game, as well as a Nehervia Television. You can see them mostly in cutscenes.


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