Meira Katsumoto – A Maid Serving the Unforgettable

What can I interest you in?

Meira Katsumoto is a maid serving the Unforgettable subunit of the Kozanese Royal Defense Force. She is the delightful friend of Hiroki Takajima (Susumu Takajima’s elder brother). They first met during their first year at Kozankyo Preparatory School, located south of Kozankyo University. However, their friendship didn’t really begin until Meira invited Hiroki for a tea date at the maid café she works at. When Hiroki arrived, he was met with a rather unusual greeting, being greeted with “Welcome home, Hiroki” instead. Although maids at maid cafés aren’t permitted to give information about themselves, they both did it in private.

Why is Meira a maid? Well, her mother and her three younger sisters are maids as well. Her younger sisters’ names are Shira and Rikka (they’re twins by the way), and Yui. Her main home is the Katsumoto manor, a Victorian-style mansion built by her parents. Hiring a maid can be expensive, so her parents married to help ease the pain. Some husbands feel it necessary to have a housewife who is a maid as well.

Maid Café Services

When it’s wartime, maids are essential to feeding soldiers and providing entertainment to them. In this case of a maid café maid, they do just that. Some of the things she does is the rather unusual ear-cleaning (that’s disgusting, who would do that), partaking in selfies, having conversations with patrons, or even playing card. It’s not uncommon for soldiers to be playing video games when they’re not out in the battlefield. With the help of Susumu Takajima (Driller), she set up network multiplayer games for soldiers all across Kozan as a way for far-away soldiers to communicate with each other.

Anyone who participates in a war has to know when to attack the enemy at the right time. Sometimes distractions can drive soldiers off-course. All KRDF military leaders were aware they were doing this as long as they prepare for battle or something like that.

How Meira Prepares Her Meals

Meira can forget dragging out an electric food processor and that time-consuming knife and cutting board. She has utilized easier, quicker, and better methods in preparing meals, side dishes, desserts, and more. She can chop, mince, slice or dice, beat, and blend faster and easier than anyone else. People think they’ve seen her in-person do it before, but not really. If you think Sakuya Izayoi from Touhou Project utilizes a bunch of knives, Meira feels like she can use twelve at once. Here’s some of the amazing things she can do with them:

  • Prepare fresh home-made salsa in six seconds
  • Make mountains of healthy coleslaw in eight seconds
  • Make spaghetti or pizza sauce patrons deserve in five seconds
  • Prepare chunky garden vegetables for soups and stews
  • Chop entire onions in only five seconds, and the only tears she cries is tears of joy
  • Mince garlic in three seconds without smelly hands

Other than the knifes, she can prepare picture-perfect slices, with potatoes being used for chips or scalloped potatoes. Fruits, vegetables, meats, and cheeses can make a party tray saving her a bunch of ingots. Her julienne blade can zip through zucchini, beets, apples, pepperoni, ham, and turkey. Even some of the authentic Asian foods are made using it in under ten seconds.

Back to chopping, Meira’s even strong enough to crush solid ice for snow cones in under ten seconds. She can even shred cheddar cheese to make nacho dip in nine seconds. All the electric food processors just produce mush. Many simply wonder how they’ve gotten along without her!


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