Monthly Updates: November 2020

Hi, this is Driller from the administration team.

As Daylight Saving Time for another year in the Northern Hemisphere has drawn to a close, we have some new things to share, both good and bad. Firstly, the background in the card above shows the White House as we prepare for another presidential election. However, may have noticed that Drillimation’s liking activity on Instagram has come to a temporary halt. Why? Well, Instagram apparently decided to pull the plug on the recent posts tab on all hashtags until November 4 to avoid election misinformation. You can read more about that here.

Chuhou Joutai 2 is now officially in development

If you saw in the introductory video for the Touhou 2: The Story of Eastern Wonderland NES Demake, I mentioned that the sequel to Chuhou Joutai is now in development. In addition, the demo for Chuhou Joutai is now available on Steam and we already have ads running on the website Discord Me thanks to a partnership we struck with.

What the ad looks like in square form.

In addition, the Drillimation world is entering a new art direction as show in the Story of Eastern Wonderland demake. We want to follow that as we felt it could give us a better reception. In a poll I conducted on Twitter over the previous week, I asked which art direction the second Chuhou Joutai should stick with, and cartoony appeared to be most voted. However, our handy Singaporean playtester suggested we use both realistic and cartoony styles in between. If you want to discuss it, we have a link to our Discord server (view on Discord Me). The depiction of the duo also appears on Drillimation’s banner on Twitch.

Should the Prophet Driller appear on Dr. Phil or no?

A few days ago, our Prophet apparently got admonished by university police for making a comment he should’ve never said. What he said was a threat of harm. He was not fined or detained by university police; he was just questioned and let go. Sure, Chuhou Joutai sure tackles some intense subject matter in some spots. But he has no intent to harm anyone within the real world. He did apologize for saying something like that, but if the thoughts come back again, a visit to Dr. Phil will probably help.

He should visit for all of the other pieces of scrutiny he was involved in, such as poor treatment of users on the Dream Logos and Fiction Wiki to the alleged hoaxing of owning an SD-90 when in reality he used the Touhou Project soundfont when composing music for a Touhou game jam which led to him departing the Touhou Project Game Dev Hub server. Should he really ask Dr. Phil for advice? Drop your comments below.

That’s it for this month!

We hope you have a good November and start of winter, and stick around for the next monthly update. Also, if you haven’t watched the livestream from yesterday, click here to watch it on Twitch.


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