Kozanese Myth: Long Hair Means Royalty

Women having long hair in Kozan is a common thing. In fact, a third of all women in the country have it. The origins may lie within Empress Kaguya of the People’s Kingdom of Central Kozan, but it has even greater origins.

This myth follows the story of a young girl who aims to marry the heir of a throne (hereinafter the Crown Prince). However, the king told her that she could only do so if she grew her hair down to her lower legs. This was so the Crown Prince could take a liking to her. Realizing it could take years to complete the achievement naturally, somebody suggested using vitamins to speed up the process. Upon using these vitamins daily, her hair grew 2.5 centimeters per week, and was able to complete the requirement in under a year. There are 52 weeks to a year, and using that method led to her hair being 130 centimeters longer than the previous year. She was therefore able to marry the Crown Prince and get uplifted into an honorary princess.

This method was used by Queen Marisa prior to marrying Rinnosuke Morichika.


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