How to Design Game Locations and Stages the Right Way

If you decide to create a game where things are only made of blocks, be prepared to enter a legal fight with Microsoft or Mojang.

A lot of players may recognize that I am a designer, asides from being a programmer, composer, and artist. There may be way better people with all those roles. Are there ways to make things a little nicer?

You can’t create a game with crudely drawn artwork as it will make things messy. When designing stages that allow free movement, make the pathways twice as wide as your character, as using a pathway the size of the character would cause trouble for players trying to navigate your world. A game doesn’t have to be huge in order to be awesome.

When there’s a hallway in one of your locations, try filling the empty walls with decorations such as paintings. If you built a beautiful castle from scratch, things will look bare at first, but decorating it will turn it from boring to magical. Every castle has its walls, and make sure you decide on what they’re for. Will it be used as barricades, will the height on each side differ, or will the player be walking on it? It’s your choice.

Castles don’t have just hallways, and like all buildings, a series of roofs. You’ll have to decide on how you want to design them. Flat roofs don’t always look that great, but angled roofs are highly recommended. If your roof is big, make sure you put a window so that way the castle’s princess can greet any guest who visits. Same thing goes if you create a balcony.

Towers are also important in castles, just like a lot of other buildings. The princess I mentioned above can also do the same thing, but in some cases when she’s praying for her potential love interest, she could end up singing an aria into the sky.

If your location is underwater, they’ll be mysterious, full of secrets, and hidden in plain sight. In that case, you could have a special character who isn’t humanoid, or if your game doesn’t have humanoid characters, a large fish (say “fish” with Krebs ten times) or in some cases a former humanoid who became a merman.

There may be other design methods that could work, but those are just a few examples of what I sometimes like to do.


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