March 2023 Monthly Digest

For us, March is the month of Hinamatsuri as a way to wish luck to all the girls around the world. But did you know that March is also Women’s History Month? History months are a good time to look back and appreciate the achievements of people from certain demographics. In America, Black History Month is a way to enhance our understanding and appreciation of the cultural and historical achievements made by African Americans. This month we can see what women from all over the world have done to our society.

Key Developments Over the Last Month

  • Development on Kourinden’s fourth act is complete, and the fifth act is now underway.

Statistics on Social Media Platforms


  • The number of followers saw a decline, with it only going up by 25 for a total of 5,460 followers.
  • The tweets of Drillimation were viewed over 18,000 times over that month.


  • The number of followers increased by 63 for a total of 2,707 followers.
  • The posts of Drillimation were again viewed over 9,000 times.


  • Video content was viewed over 1,700 times.
  • Subscribers increased by 5.


  • Viewership declined because we had major issues with frames dropping in OBS. Despite this, one new person followed us.

Future Goals

Drillimation aims to finish the fifth act of Kourinden by the end of this month. We’re getting close to the start of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but for our Southern Hemisphere fans, summer has ended.


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