Touhou Kourinden’s Progress: When Will the Prophet Reach the Halfway Mark?

Development on Touhou Kourinden’s third act is already underway, and mission 11 is done. That mission took several days to complete. Will Drillimation be able to finish the third act by the end of March?

It may happen before that deadline. The second act was supposed to be completed by the end of this year but was completed in mid-November. The first act was completed at the end of September. Below is the time it took to complete each act:

  • Act 1 – Development began with the game in June 2022, completed in September 2022
  • Act 2 – Development began in mid-October 2022, completed in mid-November 2022
  • Act 3 – Development began in December 2022, 20% complete

Game development is sure tiring, and the Prophet needs to eat. The Prophet is planning his second visit to Whitethorn next month. Who knows what will happen?


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