No, Braendel Services, One Call Does Not Do Everything

DISCLAIMER: This article expresses the opinion of the Prophet Driller, being the author, and not the company itself.

It’s not uncommon for a local business to create a commercial for local satellite or cable channels, and use all of their ad credit to shove it down everyone’s throats. Sometimes, one ad could be highly disliked. That’s what I want to talk about. And I mean this construction company in Erie, Pennsylvania.

What can I say about Braendel Services? Well, they’ve been around for over half a century now. Sometimes, their reputation will be better or worse every year. The company started out in 1972 with just one truck and a step ladder. Their aim is to satisfy customers with the best interior and/or exterior construction tactics at the best possible prices. They’ve grown immensely over that half-century, and they’re capable of doing all of the small jobs from patching leaky roofs and repairing loose stairway steps, to painting an entire closet.

As with any company, you need to create a series of commercials in order to get your word out. And there are certainly some problems with them. They have a 76% rating on Google and after reading the majority of negative reviews, one person said they can charge customers more than expected. They end up using the majority of revenue just to create their ads and throw them on the air. The more revenue you spend on ad credit, the more often your ads will air.

On top of that, if they make a mistake or two, they can fix it for free. However, it comes with a toll. Some mistakes are unfixable and they can end up charging customers more, which in turn, leads to them spending more money on ads. Not to mention they also pay untaxable overtime, which is unlawful under U.S. taxation laws and affects their employees’ Supplemental Security Income. It’s surprising that nobody ever reported them to the IRS.

Back to the ads, the problem is at the end of their ads, their animated mascot who is a blatant ripoff of Nintendo’s Mario but without a mustache, would proclaim that one call would do it all. There may be instances, and as the title of this article suggests, where one call doesn’t do it all and may take multiple calls. There are some problems with calling them. Firstly, if you make a call, they’ll hang up instantly. Secondly, if you’re able to get to somebody it could take up to three days to calculate an estimate of how much their project will cost.

Personally, I’ve known about just one of their seasonal ads for a while. Braendel Services’ marketing has motivated me to write this article and is something not worth ranting about. During the 2020 holiday season when things were still being locked down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I had an excellent time because I did not have to travel, which is something I don’t like doing. I have church parents who keep forcing me onto these trips and eat all of my time. My parents would usually have the TV on so they can catch up on the news and such. But the biggest annoyance was the continuous advertising of their holiday ads that feature a child choir which is extremely irritating.

The holiday ads are difficult to escape, as they air nearly every break. Sometimes, it will air twice in one break or in a row. Rarely, the ad would be shown three times in the same break. Again and again, I had to watch or hear that truly godawful advertisement for their business. If there’s one person who lives in Erie who does not have at least one Braendel holiday ad permanently etched into their brain, congratulations, because they bought so much airtime for that freaking month.

Because of their 76% reception on Google, they do understand that they aren’t awful in some cases. The majority of adults hate their ads during the holiday season because of their child choirs. They’ve been doing this as early as the 1980s. I understand the kids might like it, but the older viewers won’t. Simply put, this marketing method during the holiday season is basically giving adults insomnia. It’s essentially the equivalent of the Hershey’s Christmas Bells ad that also airs regularly during the holiday season in the United States.

People have diverse interests and preferences. In summary, Braendel Services needs to create better holiday ads without those annoying child choirs. They’ll realize that creating ads like this could drive away customers and not trust their services. If you’re creating an ad featuring minors, particularly little kids, make sure you know who you’re targeting.


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