Change of Sound – Why Use the Dragon Quest 6 Soundfont?

On November 30th, Drillimation put out their first SNES original. Drillimation has decided to change the way tracks are composed for Studio Emiko’s projects.

Earlier tracks were composed using the hardware of the NES, PC-98, Game Boy, AdLib/SoundBlaster cards, and many others. We decided on the SNES hardware in an effort to sound like an orchestra.

However, we had to go through some tough steps in order to get the samples. Firstly, the samples came from a previous failed attempt at trying to transcribe the SNES version of the Dragon Quest I town theme into a MIDI file. SPC2IT was the program used to extract the instruments for use in these files, and a library of instruments has been compiled to make amazing Dragon Quest-style music – but only on the SNES hardware.

The first song to use this format is Oriental Beast of the Scary Night ~ Goetic Nightmare, shown above. It uses the same instruments as Dragon Quest 6 but it wasn’t composed in its signature classical style as the game this song was composed for is a different genre. A Touhou Project-style game that doesn’t even star Reimu Hakurei and only has original characters created by Studio Emiko.

The next song, yes. It does make use of the classical style the series is known for. Not to mention Touhou Kourinden‘s soundtrack will also make use of a classical style, but that game uses the AdLib/SoundBlaster card. In fact, that’s what some of the previous songs that I wrote for Studio Emiko use.

So, within the coming Wednesday, I’m putting out a new song in this style. It might not be in the classical style but will use the same soundfont.

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