Myths of Kozan – Some Additional Ones Involving Youkai

There have been a few myths involving youkai in Kozan, and I want to introduce some more to you. You can read the one on the Kappa’s crown here.

The Melon Kutsutsura

This myth follows a youkai-born woman who likes sharing the melons she grows with her humanoid husband. When winter rolls around and the cold air making it hard to plant and grow, she uses her menstrual periods to grow melons inside her stomach and expel them out. Simply put, the egg that is generated becomes this melon and the period buildup causes that melon to grow similar to a mini pregnancy, even though she’s not having any kids. This event does not happen if the woman is impregnated and no melons are produced during the pregnancy time.

The longer the period, the larger the melon will grow. This ends when the period itself concludes and the woman expels the melon from her body, ready to enjoy.

Maid by Daylight, Princess at Dusk

This myth follows a woman who is dressed as a maid during the daylight hours but changes into a princess when the sun sets and the moon rises. One day, a prince from the Houraisan Dynasty of the People’s Kingdom of Central Kozan meets this woman and after seeing her change in the night, he proposes his hand in marriage that won’t happen until a full moon occurs in the winter.

Her appearance at night varies depending on the moon phase and the time of the year. When it is currently the summer, her appearance is off-shouldered without gloves, while during the spring and autumn, she gains short sleeves with long gloves, and during the winter, she gains long, wide sleeves. The color of her gown is also based on the moon phases. She gains a dark color during the new moon and does not become completely white until the full moon.

Eventually, this day comes and her wedding day lands on it. After their kiss seals the deal, she permanently stays this thereafter.


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