MacBook Editing Machine Going Well for Drillimation, But Some New Graphics For Future Drillimation Videos and Livestreams May Need to be Made

This is probably the longest title for an article on Drillimation’s website. Last week, Drillimation Systems received the MacBook Air that will be used for editing all future videos. This came as a way to avoid overwhelming the GPU on the Prophet Driller’s workstation, causing a lot of system crashes without a BSoD. This prevented Drillimation from getting some things done.

It is believed that the warmer weather heading into Drillimation’s area is a contributing factor. It wasn’t until dust was the main culprit. Using the remaining compressed hair he had for when he was trying to fix his keyboard issue earlier this year, the entire workstation had to be popped open and the dust was whistled out. The vacuum cleaner had to be prepared because as a result of using the compressed air to get all that dust out, it made a huge mess.

Today, Drillimation Systems will be designing some graphics for future Drillimation livestreams. The new stream will be taking place at noon Eastern Daylight Time. In addition, the seventh stage of Chuhou Joutai 3: Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess is also complete. Drillimation Systems will also begin work on the Steam page starting next week.


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