Drillimation’s MacBook Air Has Arrived, Chuhou Joutai 3 75% Complete

Drillimation Systems is proud to announce that the MacBook Air that will be used for editing all videos related to Drillimation has arrived. In addition, 75% of the main campaign for Chuhou Joutai 3: Three Nights of Scarlet Abscess is done.

The unboxing video of the MacBook Air will be the first video edited on the MacBook Air itself, and all future videos will be edited using this machine. Although the MacBook Air might not be the best choice for editing even though the ad on Apple’s website claims to devour tasks and sip battery, he legitimately should have the power to edit most videos due to it using 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD, which is what the prophet is using right now in his workstation.

Drillimation is hoping to get the main campaign done by the end of this month before the Touhou 5: Mystic Square NES Demake releases.


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