The Regions of Kozan

While the provinces of Kozan are defined by law or regulations of the Kozanese government, provinces are grouped into regions based on their shared culture and history, as well as economic factors.

Eastern Kozan

  • Red: New Tohoku
  • Blue: Makai
  • Purple: New Shikoku
  • Green: Central Kozan

Western Kozan

  • Yellow: Old Netherworld
  • Orange: Netherworld
  • Pink: Yakumo Peninsula

Census-defined Regions

Kozan defines seven regions for statistical purposes. It is widely used for determining data collection and analysis. These censuses, based on the population of each province, calculate how many representatives a province gets in the House of Representatives in the Kozanese Parliament. For example, less than 1,000,000 people calculate 1 representative, while having more than 1,000,000 results in two representatives. To calculate how many representatives would be, take the population and divide it by 500,000, and then floor it down to the whole number there is. For example, Kozan’s most populous province, Kozan Province, has more than 4 million people. This means there are eight seats in the House for that province.

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