Mystic Square NES Demake Halfway Done

Drillimation is proud to announce that the Mystic Square NES Demake has hit the halfway point. With Drillimation finishing the first two stages within the first week of development, Drillimation hoped to get the third stage done under that time frame and happened to do so.

As today marked the upload of a new Muse Genkaroku song, the second video for the intended FamiTracker week has been delayed by a few days because Akira Akagi had a computer issue and got stuck in an Automatic Update loop that normally requires a reinstallation of Windows to fix. This is because she needed to prepare the character render to be featured in the thumbnail.

In the meantime, Drillimation may make a PC-98 original to cover up for that tragic issue. Development of the Mystic Square NES Demake will continue like normal.

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