New FamiTracker Original Release Date Now April 11, 2022

FamiTracker Week will continue on Monday, April 11, 2022. The new FamiTracker original that was scheduled to be uploaded on April 9, 2022, has been delayed to that day because Akira Akagi, the one responsible for making all thumbnail art for all Muse Genkaroku songs, had a computer issue. I know it may be odd to display the thumbnail art before the video’s actual upload, and I’ve done that multiple times in the past.

Automatic Repair Loop Caused Windows Reinstallation

While doing a character render of Raiko Horikawa from Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character, Akira Akagi’s computer crashed completely and got stuck in an Automatic Repair loop. This usually requires a reinstallation of Windows in order to fix. In previous versions, users would be greeted with the message “Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software update might be the cause.” In some cases, the Windows installation disc is required in order to fix the issue, which many people did not have, requiring their IT department to fix.

An Automatic Repair loop is normally caused by corrupt registry files or installing a botched Windows Update, but can also be caused by certain virus/malware infections. Additionally, outdated drivers and/or missing DLL files can also cause this. When this happens, users can encounter problems such as startup problems in Windows and/or BSoD errors. If they’re able to start up and log directly into Windows, their system can end up performing slower than usual or may freeze from time to time. Most of the time, Windows can fail to start certain processes due to this error.

We will create a dedicated support page if either one of our games causes this issue.

Akira Akagi didn’t lose anything critical as she puts most of her stuff on external hard drives, and I do the same. Unfortunately, she could not recover the character render shown above, meaning she had to redo everything from scratch. She’s relying too much on hardware that’s not suited for gaming or studio work, and she can’t afford a gaming PC at the moment, meaning she’s stuck to whatever she has.

Chuhou Joutai 1 had a difficult development cycle because it relied on/was made an inferior gaming laptop to enter code. With my current gaming workstation, my life has since been made easier.


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