First Stage of Touhou 5 Demake Complete, Second Stage Underway

The first stage of the intended Touhou 5: Mystic Square NES Demake is already done, within three days of starting development.

Development formally began on March 31, 2022. How Drillimation was able to finish that stage was the engine from the Lotus Land Story NES Demake was reused. The engine also had to be modified in order to support all four playable characters and their scenarios.

It should be noted that the first stage out of any Drillimation game has almost always been a desk banger partly due to the sheer amount of programming and playtesting to ensure everything is correct and bug-free. With six more stages left to go, Drillimation is hoping the development can be smooth and swift.

Drillimation Systems will continue to provide assets for Chuhou Joutai 3 as development of the Mystic Square NES Demake continues.


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