Stopping iPhone 13 Scam Posts on Instagram

Almost anyone who has a public Instagram may have seen this: you go to check your notifications and you receive a notice stating that you’re a winner of an iPhone 13. It was happening all over the place but you didn’t really win anything. We’ll tell you how to not waste your money on these things.

These notifications are annoying on Instagram. They are infuriating if you receive a comment only to find one of these. This is made especially worse if you have notifications turned on, especially if you’re in the middle of completing something, reading news, or even writing an email. How did this all begin and how can you stop them?

Let’s say every time you sit down to eat lunch and check your Instagram feed, it happens. You may think you’d get something for free. You didn’t really win anything. Symantec security says this is an extremely widespread form of malware. It may have happened due to a security flaw on Instagram allowing scammers to gain access to users’ follower lists. This can usually happen if you post something in a certain hashtag, comment on something, follow somebody, visit a questionable website, or even download an app and link your Instagram account to it.

If you see it, the best thing to do is report the post immediately and block the user. If you’re still getting bombarded, temporarily make your account private or change your settings to only be tagged by your followers.

It’s really invasive and resist the urge to get that free iPhone 13, as that can only bring you more trouble. Remember the bottom line on any ‘Congratulations you won’ scam. Not to mention if you interact with that particular post, you could get more scams like these. If this were on Twitter, you would also get bombarded with every like, reply, and retweet much in the same way for an annoying Follow Friday tag. Please, don’t waste your money on these.


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