Monthly Updates: November 2021

Hi, this is Driller from Drillimation.

Halloween has just passed and I can’t believe we’re making it to the end of the year! November 19 also marks the release of Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, which are Nintendo Switch remakes of the Nintendo DS games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl. That was one game I played as a kid, and I remember it well. The remakes would’ve been better if they didn’t use that ugly chibi style for the overworld! And so, we’ve sent the Chuhou Joutai duo to Hokkaido, the new game’s setting.

This will also mark the first time in two years that I’ve gotten a new physical Nintendo Switch game. The only other game that I got was a digital download and that would be the Nintendo Switch remake of the first Dragon Quest game, the franchise that influenced Pokémon as well!

Current Status on the Fourth Touhou Project NES Demake

During the latter part of October, we took a short break after we got all of the background tiles done. All we need to do with them is create the backgrounds for them, followed by the boss sprites, and finally, what comes out as the most challenging part, the endings. The same engine that was used for the second demake, The Story of Eastern Wonderland, will be reused.

Some sprites that were created for the third demake will be reused.

Mystery Game

Some songs that I created as commissions will be used in the mystery game that we’re making. The overworld sprites for the playable characters have been complete and we’ve already come up with the game’s title, but we won’t reveal it until development actually begins.

That’s all.

I think that’s all I have for this post. We hope you have a good November, and with the holiday season, stay safe if you plan on traveling over Thanksgiving or Christmas.

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