Preparing for Tomorrow Afternoon’s First Mario Maker 2 Livestream

Drillimation Systems has been preparing extensively for the first Super Mario Maker 2 Livestream on Friday, November 5, 2021. The schedule had to be temporarily adjusted to be at 2:45 PM that day to accommodate temporary changes. This comes after the Prophet Driller uploaded a two-part series of unboxing a new USB splitter and capture card.

The run will focus primarily on speedrun courses created by other players. Level codes will be provided throughout the stream for players of Super Mario Maker 2 who want to try these courses. However, Drillimation Systems is still running into technical difficulties. The system cannot be projected at 1080p at 60fps because it puts too much pressure on the CPU of the Prophet Driller’s workstation. The system works fine at 720p. The smaller screen gives the Prophet room to place advertisements and the stream chat during the stream.

We can’t wait for players to experience our livestreams.


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