One Month After Massive Raid on Drillimation Discord Server, Discord Begins Purging Bots

What the number of users looked like after the purge (as of October 18, 2021)

On Sunday, October 17, 2021, Discord began purging the bots that had raided Drillimation Systems’ Discord server over a month ago. On September 17, 2021 (read the initial article here), Drillimation Systems’ Discord server was hit with a massive raid that resulted in all messages on the server up until that point being purged. The raid was an abusive ping of all users over a free Discord Nitro subscription that was clearly intended to be a scam.

This is an extremely widespread form of malware that’s existed for years, starting on computers before it made the jump to mobile devices and now Discord. Social media sites are not immune to this either. This has become a major problem for Facebook and Twitter, and both of them have strict policies over this.

If an account on Discord is suspended, the user has at least one month to appeal the decision. Afterward, the account is permanently deleted and usually shows up as Deleted User alongside a code under the ban list or direct messages. Discord suspends users that violate their Terms of Service and/or Community Guidelines. Suspensions can occur for the following reasons:

  • Organizing, participating in, or encouraging the raiding of servers (the most common reason for a suspension).
  • Violations of local, national, or international laws including but not limited to hate speech, ethics, or morality-based laws, as well as organizing violence or violating copyright/trademark laws. This also includes posting instructions on how to illegally gain access to digital copyrighted material that normally requires payment.
  • Using sockpuppets to evade server bans and/or user blocks.
  • Failing to apply NSFW gates on channels that contain potentially sensitive, disturbing, or offensive material that would otherwise be unsuitable for a minor to view.

Suspensions of high-profile individuals from Discord are unusual and often attract attention in the media.


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