Drillimation Systems to Venture Into New Territory Online

Drillimation Systems will be venturing onto new territory with its livestreams by the Prophet Driller after Daylight Saving Time concludes. He is planning on getting a capture card to livestream Super Mario Maker 2 gameplays onto Twitch.

This post also comes as Drillimation is in the second phase of preproduction for the NES demake of Touhou 4: Lotus Land Story, which is expected for release within the first quarter of 2022. The soundtrack was completed earlier this month, but things will get complicated when the Mystic Square demake begins preproduction sometime in 2022.

That said, Drillimation is still soliciting donations from players on a regular basis. Players can still subscribe to their Patreon and get free Steam keys to Chuhou Joutai 1 and 2.

Drillimation’s newest YouTube video will be unboxing this capture card. Nearly every weekend, gameplay from Super Mario Maker 2 will be livestreamed, covering speedrun stages created by players both in and outside of Japan.


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