Drillimation Systems Discord Server Hit By Massive Raid on Friday Morning, All Messages From September 1 – 17 Purged

The amount of users that were present on the server as of September 18, 2021.

Drillimation Systems woke up to what appeared to be the worst raid on a Discord server in its history. More than 400 spam bots spammed phishing links to get free Discord Nitro subscriptions, leading to a server-wide mute and all messages from September 1 – 17 being purged. This happened exactly one week before the Touhou 3: The Phantasmagoria of Dimensional Dreams NES Demake was due to release.

This is known as Discord bombing – any unwanted disruption or intrusion of a Discord server, usually done by trolls or pranksters. In a typical raid, a server is hijacked with one or more users inserting or spamming material that is either lewd, obscene, racist, or antisemitic in nature, typically resulting in a temporary or sometimes permanent shutdown of the server. Many of those who are successful have posted footage of it to social media or even video-sharing sites like YouTube and TikTok.

It’s not just limited to individual humans – bots are also known to be like this. Drillimation Systems contacted Discord on the day of the raid, which made them aware of the issue. They are currently taking action on these automated raiders, with some being suspended. Japanese cybersecurity company Trend Micro has called this Fake Steam Logon malware, and can sometimes slip in like a virus whenever you visit a questionable website or even download an app.

Raids have caused significant issues for server owners, as well as schools, organizations, and companies worldwide that operate Discord servers. Such incidents have resulted in restrictions on what users can and can’t do on a server. In fact, some incidents of raiding have prompted law enforcement responses resulting in criminal charges for some raids.

Examples of raids

To get an understanding of how a typical Discord raid is carried out, here are a few examples of raids:

Example 1

A typical Discord server is raided with somebody shouting something antisemitic in nature. To protect the safety of our Jewish communities, some material is changed for parody purposes.

Driller: So, what does SPASDOT have to do in common?

Raider 1: Hail Flandre!

Raider 2: Hail Flandre!

This example shows two or more users spamming the same message into a chat box.

Example 2

This example shows the unwanted intrusion of a livestream. In this scenario, a raider drew a hammer and sickle on-screen, the most popular symbol of communism.

Driller: *playing a game* Here’s uh… army man.

Raider: *draws hammer and sickle over screen*

Kagami: Driller, can you please stop sharing your screen?

Example 3

In this scenario, a large number of raiders jump into a server doing something called joinleaving – repeatedly joining and leaving a server.

A wild Raider 1 appeared.

Raider 1 left the server.

A wild Raider 1 appeared.

Raider 1 left the server.

Kagami: Driller, they keep popping in and out. I don’t know what to do.


Raids on Drillimation’s Discord server have happened in the past, but never have we seen anything like this. It is unknown on how many servers are raided each year, but a small majority of them have ties to extremist groups, while the rest are lone wolves.

Raids can also be automated and can sometimes happen on accident. Accidental raids can be trigged by malware Google links or those who clicked on such links. Thank you to Discord user seraphic’e#9117 for providing this piece of advice.



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