Some Kozanese Political Traditions

Over the years in the Federal Kingdom of Kozan, there have been a number of traditions held by the monarchy, prime minister, and parliament. These include speeches and special events. We’ve already covered how the prime minister and monarchy are inaugurated/coronated. But now, we will cover on the traditions held over the course of a single calendar year.

State of the Kingdom

The State of the Kingdom refers to a series of two speeches that are given on December 25 and January 7 respectively. They are delivered bilingually by the monarch and prime minister with the topic covering the current condition of Kozan. It is constitutionally mandated, as these speeches are given to Parliament over the issues that were encountered in the country the previous year and the consideration for the measures to take within a new calendar year.

Usually, the first speech on December 25 begins with this:

“Greetings from the monarch and prime minister of Kozan, and we wish you all a Happy Holidays. The year (number) is approaching fast. From Kozan’s capital Kozankyo, we also wish for positive outcomes for the incoming year.”

This speech is also given by the prime minister if December 25 falls on the day a new prime minister in Kozan is inaugurated.

The start of the second speech on January 7 begins with this, and is delivered by the prime minister:

“To our Majesty the King/Queen, the First Lady of Kozan, the Vice Prime Minister, Members of Parliament, and our fellow citizens of Kozan, thank you. Around a week ago, the year (number) was rung in. We have the effort to expand our country and fulfill the promises of all of our people.”

Kozanese Independence Day

The Monarch and Prime Minister are mandated to attend the Kozanese Independence Day festivities on May 17 of every year. Similar to a May Day celebration, the Monarch and Prime Minister must give a speech to address the nation before any festivities begin. The Monarch is required to dress formally, while the Prime Minister does not.

Maternity Dance

This is a tradition that was started by Queen Marisa back when the Federal Kingdom of Eastern Kozan was founded, and has since become a tradition within the Kozanese Royal Family before commoners adopted the process. Whenever a royal couple is expecting a new child, it has become customary for them to engage in a maternity dance (in Japanese it is known as bosei odori, 母性踊り) when the wife becomes eight months pregnant. It is not constitutionally mandated, but it has its roots within the Notchist sect of the Shinto faith. This dance is meant to be a prayer of hope to ensure that the wife can safely release her child into the world when it comes time, since childbirth is a very painful process.

King Rinnosuke and Queen Marisa held the very first maternity dance one month before their one and only son, the future King Kichou, was born. The dance was performed in front of a bunch of people in the Kozankyo Imperial Palace, and everyone attending the event must dress formally. Ever since then, every couple within the royal family has held a maternity dance for each new member of the royal family.

Queen Marisa’s son, King Kichou, performed the dance with his wife the then-Crown Princess Miho before their two daughters Ayumi and Saori were born. Shortly thereafter, commoners within the region began doing this both publicly and privately. According to Kagami Ochiai, her parents did this in private before she and her younger sister Yumi were born.


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