Criminology Lab: Second Attack by SPASDOT in Western Kozan Sparks Fears of Civil War

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on this KBN Evening News broadcast on November 12, 2002. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: Following yesterday’s deadly kamikaze attack by SPASDOT, we are following a very bad situation in Western Kozan tonight. Today, new protests by the group are igniting fears of a civil war that could result in the Kozanese Royal Defense Force having to step in. Fifty have now been killed and almost 150 have been wounded in the second major terrorist attack perpetrated by SPASDOT in just the last couple of weeks. Those attacks were caused by Crimsonite protestors outraged by that anti-SPASDOT documentary film which released over the summer. The protestors are demanding that King Soujirou abolish the Kozanese monarchy, which he is refusing to do. Kisumi Torisawa is following this.

Kisumi: Yeah, the latest attack that SPASDOT pulled off in Dockery Bay is a call that the Kozanese government could declare war on SPASDOT if they pull off another terrorist attack in Western Kozan. Crimsonite protestors are still in the streets, with many of them wearing red face masks over fears they would be targeted by the Kozanese Royal Defense Force for being part of these protests. Being here is a risk they are taking.

One Crimsonite we interviewed on KBN This Morning said he has been protesting since the anti-SPASDOT film The Innocence of Reimu Hakurei released, which is critical to SPASDOT. He told us the protests won’t stop until King Soujirou abdicates and abolishes the Kozanese throne, which he will never do. Another Crimsonite on LifeConnect posted this picture that reads “Kozan needs a more powerful leader. I am armed with strength and courage.”

The Kozanese government has accused SPASDOT for organizing these protests that caused more than four dozen lives to be taken away. The attacks were perpetrated by the Crimsonites after an opposing side of youkai-born protestors tried to restore peace in Kozan. It is believed that during one of the attacks, Crimsonites loyal to SPASDOT leader Frederic Sam Fawkes opened danmaku into a Shinto shrine near Dockery Bay, as more than 100 attendees sought shelter. The shrine’s priest survived the siege, but two ended up dead. “It was the worst day of my life,” he told us. He also showed where the danmaku pierced the shrine’s icons. “Reimu Hakurei is always with us, no matter how bad it gets,” he also told us.

Even though protests by SPASDOT are continuing, youkai-born supporters of King Soujirou are also holding protests of their own in an attempt to stop SPASDOT from continuing their offensive. It indicates the deep political divisions in the country, and warns the turmoil might not be ending any time soon.

Anchor: Kisumi Torisawa in Kozankyo for us, what a story. Thank you.


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