Did Your Game Get Cracked by a Cracking Group? DMCA to the Rescue!

Let’s face it: if somebody cracks your game after you published it on Steam or another digital distribution service, you have the right to file a DMCA takedown. Cracking groups today are cracking more and more games and distributing them online. Nintendo has always been proactive against hacked versions of their games, and you should be like what Nintendo does. It should be noted it is a violation of a computer software licensing agreement to distribute modified versions of computer games online, and individuals who do so are subject to legal action from the original developers of a game.

This guide will teach you on how to file a proper DMCA cease and desist order if somebody illegally distributes your game. Skidrow Cracked is notorious for cracking Steam games. The most common way they do this is to remove the steam.api variable from the data.win file. Without it, the DRM won’t do anything. If you need to file a DMCA, we recommend you use the following template below:

Dear [infringer],

I am an attorney asked to act on [copyright holder name]’s behalf (remove this if you’re filing the notice as an individual), and this notice is to inform you that a page you’re hosting on your website is infringing on or is hosting unlicensed copies of a copyrighted asset owned by [copyright holder’s name], that being [game name] generally located at [Steam page URL], with the infringing copies being located at [URL of illegal copies]. As the copyright holder of [game name], [copyright holder’s name] has the exclusive right to distribute/perform it and/or make derivative works based on [game name]. By uploading an unauthorized copy of or using any copied assets from [game name], you are violating [copyright holder’s name]’s exclusive rights.

We understand that our fans are the reason for our successes, and we’re always happy to see people share their passion for our works. [game name] and other major projects by [copyright holder’s name] are considered to be our most valuable assets, and your unauthorized use of it jeopardizes our rights. Under the provisions of Section 512(c) of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, we ask that you CEASE AND DESIST all infringing material and confirm you will not make unauthorized and/or inappropriate use of our intellectual property in the future, or take any other steps to infringe our rights. Failing to comply with this request will result in civil liability under the DMCA.

I declare, under penalty of perjury and in good faith, that I am the copyright holder to [game name] and the information provided here is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

[copyright holder] may be contacted at:
Mail: [mailing address here]
Email: [email address here]
Phone: [phone number here]

[copyright holder’s name or person asked to act on your behalf]

Remember, filing a DMCA is a legal action and requires you to disclose your name and address to the infringer. Remember to read the site’s privacy policy before you take this action. The reason why you must write a statement of perjury is that filing a false DMCA claim can get you into legal trouble that can include fines or even prison time. Under US copyright law, you automatically own the copyright to any original work you make. Registering, however, is mandatory for some rights such as to commence a lawsuit and such.

Cracking groups have been a major issue for indie developers, and Drillimation is trying to do something about it. We plan on establishing a copyright collection society for indie devs to help wage the battle against this. Did you have a cracking group crack your game and had to file a DMCA against them? Tell us your story!


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