Criminology Lab: Crimsonite in Deadly Buddhist Monastery Rampage trained in Kozan

Kisumi Torisawa narrated this KBN Evening News report on June 1, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: We have more information emerging tonight about the Crimsonite who was arrested in that deadly rampage on a Buddhist monastery in Mahri. He was born and raised in El Kadsre but he reportedly trained with SPASDOT here in Kozan. Here’s KBN Homeland Security correspondent Kisumi Torisawa.

Kisumi: Mahrian federal prosecutors warned today that young Shintoists from the United El Kadsreian Islands are being radicalized in Kozan. The suspect in the attack, Noburo Kiyabu, was caught on tape carrying out this rampage on a Buddhist monastery in Mahri last week. Kiyabu, a 29-year-old originally from El Kadsre, was arrested Friday in Mahri’s capital Abeta. Prosecutors said he was carrying firearms and approximately 600 rounds of danmaku. He also reportedly made a martyrdom video claiming responsibility for the attack. He claimed one of the weapons he used was scrawled in the name of the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson and former Shinto militant group Gyonyoru Foldunk. Mahrian authorities believe hundreds of citizens in the El Kadsreian archipelago have fought in the Kozanese Civil War. Kiyabu was though to have converted from Buddhism to Radical Shinto during a stint in an El Kadsreian prison. King Soujirou of Kozan and El Kadsre’s President will meet later this week to discuss on how to stop this violence in their countries. Kisumi Torisawa, KBN News, Kozankyo.


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