The Real Reason Why Susumu Takajima from Chuhou Joutai wears Headphones

If you’ve played any of the Chuhou Joutai games over the past two years, or even seen its central protagonist Susumu Takajima, he is always depicted wearing headphones. Why? Well, read on to learn more.

Driller is considered to be a game music guy. If you like listening to game music in public, you would always be wearing headphones. But there is another reason for this. When Driller got arrested for attempting to join SPASDOT, he chose to cooperate with the Kozanese Royal Defense Force as part of his plea. One of the first things he had to do was to learn on how to fire a blaster. Not to mention he was 13 years old at the time.

Blasters are the name of the guns in Chuhou Joutai. To keep with a family-friendly atmosphere, the blasters are depicted more futuristic and colorful, and are designed to shoot only lasers, similar to what you’d typically see in Star Wars. Just like firing a real gun, a single blast from a blaster is expected to be loud (approximately 150 dB), which is why Driller wears his headphones all the time. It’s also best for him to have music playing when handling a blaster.

Driller’s instruction on firing a blaster was given to him by Crown Princess Konata, who had been hunting with her father ever since she was five years old. That also marked the first time Driller had ever met the Crown Princess of Kozan. And from that point on, she had become Driller’s fairy godmother, always happy to help him on his adventures, even when his sidekick Kagami Ochiai joined the KRDF.


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