Aftermath of Chuhou Joutai 2’s events in local Kozankyo news

WARNING: This post contains major spoilers from the second game. We do not recommend reading this until you’ve played the demo at least once. Proceed at your own risk.

After stage 1

The Daily Bunbunmaru:

Federal investigators are questioning why a youkai-born was trying to con her way into a restricted area of the Hakurei Shrine. It was an intrusion so brazen that it raised concerns about protection of the shrine’s priest Tomohiro Uchida and his shrine maiden daughter Kumiko Uchida. Maika Ohtake, who is a 19-year-old maiko-in-training, says she will plead guilty for illegally sneaking into a restricted area of the shrine in Kozankyo. Both the priest and shrine maiden were at the shrine at the time of the intrusion; Ohtake entered the shrine through a hidden path that connects Kozankyo University to the Hakurei Shrine. Prosecutors say Ohtake was screened for weapons by a Kozanese Royal Defense Force officer, and that didn’t stop her from entering the shrine. Religious texts say that youkai-borns who aren’t loyal to the KRDF are forbidden from entering Shinto shrines. This is the second time this year that a youkai-born had illegally entered the Hakurei Shrine; back in March, another youkai-born from Horudika Canal lied his way into a restricted area of the shrine while the staff was not there. He also faced charges for possessing a thumb drive laced with malware. Both cases illustrate the vulnerabilities Shinto shrines are vulnerable to. Ohtake was unlucky because Kumiko Uchida and two members of the Unforgettable dealt with the situation. Security will be strengthened on that secret pathway to the university.

The Daily Bunbunmaru, July 3, 2004

KBN This Morning:

This is a developing headline involving another security breach at the Hakurei Shrine in Kozankyo while the priest and his daughter were there. Maika Ohtake, a 19-year-old college sophomore who is also a maiko-in-training, is admitting that she illegally entered a restricted area of the shrine. She was arrested within 20 minutes after being caught and confronted by The Unforgettable, a subunit of the Kozanese Royal Defense Force. Prosecutors said she came in through a hidden path that connects Kozankyo University to the shrine. Even though she went through a metal detector, it has raised concerns about youkai-borns visiting the shrine. Back in March, there was another incident involving a youkai-born at the shrine. This came after a youkai-born male from Horudika Canal conned his way through the Kozanese Royal Defense Force while the staff was not there. He was charged for lying to a federal officer and entering a restricted area.

KBN This Morning, July 3, 2004

LifeConnect posts

I would love to wear her kimono, but not when she’s a youkai-born trying to steal something important! Kagami Ochiai and her younger sister are the only youkai-borns I’m loyal to.

Kumiko Uchida

Both my royal and non-royal princesses drove me into getting the youkai-born out. Youkai-borns have light and dark sides. I understand why my highness’ mother was killed during the Kozanese Revolution, simply because of her spirituality.

Susumu Takajima

I want to become a geisha like my mother, but I wouldn’t begin training right away following that incident at the Hakurei Shrine!

Kagami Ochiai

After stage 2

The Daily Bunbunmaru:

A daring raid on a local bon festival west of Downtown Kozankyo last night has left one Crimsonite dead alongside multiple police and civilian fatalities. The prime suspect behind the raid was Kazuo Ozawa, a convicted felon from Kourindou. Eyewitnesses said that three men wearing Yakuza attire entered the location where the festival was being held and took the attendees hostage, one of those caught in the attack was Crown Princess Konata. After Ozawa blew the door to a nearby building open with an explosive, brave maiko-in-training Maika Ohtake, who was arrested last week for illegally entering a restricted area of the Hakurei Shrine, tried to stop the raid but was subsequently murdered in cold blood. Two of the other Crimsonites left the festival with a royal artifact owned by the Royal family and fought their way through police and the KRDF teams on foot before escaping on the local bullet train. The KRDF is now estimating that the Crimsonites caused a quarter of a million ingots worth of damage.

The Daily Bunbunmaru, July 10, 2004

KBN This Morning:

The first headline for today is a daring raid that took place at a local bon festival hosted by Crown Princess Konata for the Kozanese Royal Defense Force cell The Unforgettable west of Downtown Kozankyo. One of the Crimsonites involved, Kazuo Ozawa, was killed during the raid. Ozawa had previously been convicted of an armed robbery in the 1990s. A maiko-in-training named Maika Ohtake, who was arrested and released last week for illegally entering a restricted area of the Hakurei Shrine, attempted to stop the raid but was murdered. The Kozanese Royal Defense Force is on the lookout for the Mini-Hakkero, a royal object that was stolen in the raid, and two other suspects.

KBN This Morning, July 10, 2004

LifeConnect posts

I am in complete shock. The Koseimi ward of Kozankyo has been torn apart. If the ward doesn’t get any traffic today, nothing will happen.

Crown Princess Konata

I caught a glimpse of the raid that happened nearby in Koseimi while I was playing Melee. You may have seen a fox or a falcon on their last stand – like something out of a stamina battle for real!

Some random eyewitness

For those who don’t own a blaster, go and buy one. If you can’t, just go to a convention or become a collector. That’s what happened to Maika Ohtake who tried to stop the raid before getting martyred.

Susumu Takajima

RIP Maika Ohtake. You were a beautiful girl who danced and sang for me whenever I wanted you to. May Queen Yukari accept you as a martyr.

Maika Ohtake’s boyfriend

After stage 3

The Daily Bunbunmaru:

The Kozanese Royal Defense Force has confirmed that one of the suspects behind the bon festival raid that led to multiple casualties has been arrested in Kourindou yesterday afternoon. Kichiro Nakasone, who is 27 years old, faces a range of charges including hostage taking resulting in death to aggravated retaliation against law enforcement, and attempting to provide material support to SPASDOT. Eyewitnesses say that Nakasone was spotted in the Musou Island Amusement Park just 20 kilometers north of Downtown Kourindou. Investigators say that he fled Kozankyo the night before he was spotted by bullet train; the Unforgettable travelled over 150 kilometers east of Kozankyo to find the suspect. Authorities are also aware of Hearthcliffe who was spotted nearby fooled the cell by thinking he had the Mini-Hakkero, which is still missing. The investigation continues westward into central Kozan province, where one of the suspects behind the raid may be hiding.

The Daily Bunbunmaru, July 11, 2004

LifeConnect posts

I happened to encounter Hearthcliffe again within a 10-day timestamp. Just why did he prove Nakasone doesn’t have the Mini-Hakkero!?

Susumu Takajima

I am so mad about today. Having to drive four hours to and from Kourindou was a real pain! But hopefully that hafu’s advice can help us further the investigation.

Crown Princess Konata

Great job to the Unforgettable for throwing Kichiro Nakasone in jail. He was the one who killed Maika Ohtake in the first place. We are honoring Ohtake as a heroine who died trying to save our royal highness.



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