The Disclaimers on Our Website and Products, and What They Mean

If you’ve ever gone under and visited any of our posts on our site, you may end up seeing a disclaimer or two. To clear up the confusion, we’ll tell you what they mean.

Regardless of any of the above-mentioned, the copyright of Touhou Project, reserved by Team Shanghai Alice/ZUN.Used in the credits of the Touhou Project NES demakes, this is to attribute ZUN that the game is a fangame and not an actual Touhou Project product.
All elements that originate from Touhou Project in this game are for parody purposes, and any resemblance to them is purely coincidental. Drillimation Systems is NOT affiliated with Team Shanghai Alice whatsoever.Used in the credits and legal information that the elements Drillimation borrowed from Touhou Project in an original work is for parody purposes and shows no affiliation with ZUN.
This is a PARODY and we are no way affiliated with Team Shanghai Alice or any of the Touhou Project trademark/license holders.Used in the descriptions for the Touhou Project NES Demake trailers to show that the remake is for parody purposes.
This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.Used in the Criminology Lab series, discloses that the information contained is fictional and does not reflect any real events mentioned.
Drillimation Systems is the author of this software for the purpose of copyright. All rights reserved.Shows that Drillimation Systems was the developer of the game and that they reserve all distribution rights for it.
This livestream mainly focuses on user-generated content. As such, we cannot guarantee it will be free of objectionable material. Viewer discretion is advised.Shown at the beginning of Super Mario Maker 2 livestreams to warn users of user-generated content that has not been moderated by Nintendo or any rating board, and could be objectionable in nature.

If there’s another disclaimer we need to add to the list, let us know in the comments.


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