National Youkai-Born Heritage Week

The outfit that Kagami Ochiai wears during Lunar New Year, or perhaps during National Youkai-Born Heritage Week

Within the second week in February of every year within Kozan, there is always a week to honor youkai-born heritage within Kozan. National Youkai-Born Heritage Week was first celebrated in 1971 by Prime Minister Shigeru Ochiai as a way to celebrate the contributions of youkai-borns within Kozan, especially Shigeru Ochiai, who was a youkai-born himself.

The week begins on the Monday where Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated. Youkai-borns are committed to providing humanoids to be involved with them and offer full complements of contributions they brought from the previous year. Having a friend who is youkai-born is important to keeping peaceful relationships between humanoids and youkai. Daily lessons with them helps create strong foundations for humanoid and youkai interactions. Children who learn these lessons are likely to continue supporting youkai-borns as an adult.

Youkai-borns are committed to placing strong emphasis on social and emotional well-beings for humanoids by teaching fundamental skills for life effectiveness. They improve the quality of inter-ethic communities where they learn and grow.

The reason why Shigeru Ochiai started the tradition was due to how the relationships between humanoids and youkai improved over the previous century before he was even elected prime minister. Since Ochiai was the first youkai-born in almost a century to hold the position, youkai-born involvement in Kozanese politics began to rise again.

Since its inception, it expanded among its use in schools within Kozan. It has become a time whenever youkai-born culture takes center stage, including theatres, libraries, and museums across the country


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