Twitter Automation Issue Reportedly Paralyzed Drillimation Liking Activity For a Few Hours

Looks like this was the second time in under a year that this happened. Drillimation’s liking activity on Twitter went dark for a few hours yesterday morning after an automation issue prevented likes from being registered. Liking activity resumed later that day.

Believe it or not, this is not the first time we have encountered this. While we may have encountered similar episodes in the past that lasted only a few minutes, a major paralysis in liking activity occurred last spring when several actions failed to go through. It started on Saturday, March 7, 2020 and lasted the entire weekend and did not resume until that Monday. That resulted in a loss of five followers, while the latest incident did not result in any follower loss.

Back in October 2020, Drillimation’s liking activity on Instagram was similarly paralyzed when Instagram removed the Recent tab on all Instagram hashtag pages in the US in order to curb misinformation related to the 2020 US election. All liking operations were cut for approximately 40 days until antitrust lawsuits were filed against Facebook, and resulted in a loss of 20 followers, the largest loss in Drillimation’s social media history.

Problems like these can happen to anyone. It can usually happen to non-bot accounts because of technical issues.


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