A Rant About Social Media Follow Fridays

Names are scratched out in red for privacy reasons.

If you ever saw James Rolfe’s YKWBS rant on group texts, I felt I should write a similar rant for Follow Fridays on social media. So you get a notification on social media, with someone sharing a vacation photo or a piece of art they drew. Most commonly, they tag you to encourage their followers to follow you.


Being tagged in a Follow Friday can help get more of your word out and help you get more followers. We are sympathetic about multiple users being tagged, but there are some problems on other social media sites.


Twitter is really where the rant comes in. Some random person tags you in a Follow Friday tweet, and then you don’t realize you’re in the group with like 10 to 15 other people that you might not even know. What happens next is you’ll be stuck getting everybody’s likes, retweets, and replies all freakin’ day, and then you’ll end up Googling on how to opt out of them. Most of the replies end up being “Thank you thank you!” or a random GIF from some movie, TV show, or video game that you might not even like. On Twitter, you can just click/tap the three dots and mute the conversation before somebody starts talking dirty or naughty.

As James mentioned in his rant, it’s like The Hunger Games essentially. Your username is thrown in there and you’ll have no choice but to fight your way out. Thankfully, that does not happen on Instagram. I’ve only been tagged in at least one Follow Friday on that platform, and I didn’t have to deal with that.

If you have a Twitter account and end up in a Follow Friday, I don’t think you can stand a chance. On any of the social media platforms, you won’t know who any of the other tagged users are. If you end up liking or retweeting just a single reply, the whole group gets your notification in their inbox. This is also a bigger problem when I post my image from Twitter to Instagram, as the image I uploaded that day ends up getting buried in the snow. Follow Fridays on Twitter can be BS.

Had this problem on any other social media platforms?

Let us know in the comments if you know of any other social media platforms that have something similar to what Twitter uses.


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