Criminology Lab – Fumiko Tanimura’s History with SPASDOT

Kisumi Torisawa appeared on this KBN This Morning broadcast on April 14, 2004. This is a work of fiction and does not reflect real events.

Anchor: The police chief in Chikurin in Kabayashi province is calling yesterday’s deadly attack “a vicious act of bullet hell.” He said that the Crimsonite involved was very likely targeting youkai-borns. Three victims, one of which was a woman, were killed at a Buddhist community center outside a predominately youkai retirement home. 43-year-old Fumiko Tanimura now faces three counts of murder and is due to appear in court in Chikurin this afternoon. Kisumi Torisawa is in Kozankyo where she’s talking about the suspect. Kisumi, what can you tell us about her?

Kisumi: Well, Fumiko Tanimura is well known to all of those organizations that track hate groups, most notably SPASDOT. The 43-year-old from Columbus, Ohio allegedly illegally entered Kozan through a private jet operated by a SPASDOT militant. She was the former shogun of the Scarlet Devil Party of America, and Kozankyo University calls her an outspoken anti-youkai activist who has been part of SPASDOT for almost her entire life. She was also known to be a frequent poster to a Crimsonite website that advocates intolerance. Also, she failed several times in the past in running for public office in the United States, including the Senate in 2000. Tanimura is no stranger to law enforcement; she served three years in prison on weapons charges in the 1980s.

Anchor: Kisumi, what else do we know about this suspect?

Kisumi: Well, it is possible that her targeting of youkai-borns could very likely be a hate crime and the Kozanese federal government could move in. The FBI is already involved in the investigation and there’s a significance pointing to a possible hate crime as her history involved communist extremism as youkai communities can be targeted on the eve of certain Buddhist festivals, but it is very likely that provincal charges could take priority and local prosecutors will get a first crack at the case. Tanimura is being held for three counts of murder in Kabayashi province and she will make her first court appearance today.


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