How the new Chuhou Joutai will follow a new art direction

Sprite of Susumu Takajima for cutscenes

On November 30, 2020, Drillimation announced the sequel to Chuhou Joutai is in development. Super Indie Games, the Spanish PR company that helped get the first Chuhou Joutai on the road to marketing, is helping with marketing for the sequel, which began a week after the trailer was released to YouTube.

When the first Chuhou Joutai was released, the game had a good reception and felt we wouldn’t bother to do another game and touch upon the things players didn’t like about the first game. One of those things is the art style. The Prophet Driller was not a very skilled artist at the time of the first Chuhou Joutai‘s development, which was why it was kept simple. The art direction for the second game will take a turn and go with a more realistic approach in order to satisfy players. As our Prophet is now more skilled, what was impossible for him back then is now possible.

There’s lots of crazy things you can do to your characters in VRoid Studio. You can even break some limits within VRoid. For example, the One-piece clothing accessory has a skirt length that can go only up to 100 (approximately the knees). You can break the limit by typing a number higher than 100 and set it to 325 as an example if your female character wears a full, floor-length gown or something.

In order to invoke the pixel art direction the game is known for, we trace over the image in Adobe Illustrator and export it without antialiasing (shown in the image above). This way, we can get that pixel art feel. Lastly, we adjust the colors to fit the game’s color palette.


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