Introduction of Kagami Ochiai’s Grandparents – Shigeru Ochiai and Asuka Oguchi

Shigeru is on the left, while Asuka is on the right.

Shigeru Ochiai and Asuka Oguchi are the heads of one of the most powerful political dynasties in Kozan. Ochiai served as Kozan’s prime minister from 1970 until 1978 and was a very influential voice in Kozan’s history. Having both come from military backgrounds, the couple met at an orphanage in the city of Kanjotaki (Coronary Falls) in New Saitama Province, after their parents were killed fighting in WWII. The couple married in June of 1958 and had three sons from this marriage: that being Hotaru Ochiai, Masaru Ochiai, and Hideo Ochiai.

Shigeru Ochiai

Shigeru was born on August 6, 1936 in Kanjotaki, New Saitama to a low-income family. After his parents were killed fighting in WWII, he decided to become a film actor and starred in a few films that were shot in New Saitama during his later years in elementary school, as well as junior high and senior high school. It was also during that time he met his future wife Asuka Oguchi during the filming of one film.

Ochiai enrolled at the University of New Saitama in 1954 and graduated with a degree in economics in 1958. Shortly after graduating from college on June 7, 1958, Ochiai married his junior high and senior high sweetheart Asuka Oguchi. They didn’t have much money, so all they did was fill out a family registration form and held a private ceremony at a small Shinto shrine near the Kozan-New Saitama provincial border.

After Ochiai built a network of supporters in the Socialist Party of Kozan when he and his wife moved to Kozankyo, he won a seat in Kozan’s parliament in 1962. He secured the Socialist Party nomination for Prime Minister in 1970 and ended up winning the election, defeating his opponent by 10% of the popular vote. During his time as Prime Minister, he implemented new political and economic initiatives that would reduce tax rates and government spending. Although things were harsh at first, he turned things around after he was re-elected in 1974 by spurring the Soviet invasion of Kozan and denouncing the Shintoist Province and Scarlet Devil of Team Crimson during the conflict.

Asuka Oguchi

Asuka was born on December 6, 1936 in Kozankyo. Like her husband, her parents were also killed fighting in WWII. Following their deaths, she moved to Kanjotaki in New Saitama and met her future husband Shigeru Ochiai during the filming of one film. Following her marriage with Shigeru Ochiai, they moved to Kozankyo and became the First Lady of Kozan Province in 1962 when her husband earned his parliament seat.

Asuka officially became First Lady of Kozan when her husband was elected Prime Minister of Kozan. During his first term, she championed his personnel and diplomatic decisions. After Shigeru Ochiai’s term as Prime Minister ended, they returned to their home in Kozankyo.


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