Monthly Updates: August 2020

Hi, this is Driller from Drillimation Systems.

Well, looks like summer is already starting to come to an end. In a couple of weeks, people from all over the world will be starting to go back to school with the start of yet another school year, in the midst of this pandemic! It can be nice to go back to school if you’re tired of staying at home all spring and summer. If you look in the card, this is true. We are definitely entering a new chapter in Drillimation. I can tell you the list of the things that changed over the month of July.

A new gaming workstation has been built

If you look at the video above, I document the whole process of me building a brand new gaming workstation, after my laptop started running a little sluggish. The 256GB SSD was way too small for something like that and it filled up fast over the course of two years. Getting a new PC is something I generally do every four to five years, but I wanted a custom build like my brother does. My brother recently graduated from college and things are changing for him. He recently got a job for the Orlando subsidiary of the company SoarTech in coronavirus-ridden Florida, meaning he is moving there.

The coronavirus vaccine had just entered its final stage of testing, meaning we are only stuck in quarantine for a few more months. Once the vaccine comes into the market by the end of this year, we will all be in a desperate scramble to get it.

Drillimation has moved to a Brand Account on YouTube

If in case you noticed, the name of our channel had changed. Over the course of the month, we moved the Drillimation YouTube channel to a brand channel instead of personal. For many years now, many people have griped for being forced to use their real names on their personal YouTube accounts. When you are filing a copyright strike to YouTube, Google is known to ask for government ID to show proof you are not a bot doing this.

Where’s the Story of Eastern Wonderland Demake?

Well, we still haven’t begun programming on it yet. I decided to wait until GameMaker Studio 2.3 comes out and once it does, I will begin programming it.

Anything else?

Let’s hope the coronavirus secedes at the end of this year have a clean school year and have a good back to school.


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