Drillimation is now taking game publishing!

So, you just completed making a game and you’re ready to publish it to the market. Going through a publisher is the best way for players to get most of their word out. Publishers vary on what they publish, and what best describes them? You’ve tried to self-publish before, but it never seems to work out. After you sell something on eBay or Amazon to pay for marketing fees, you hope for success.

It takes you way too long to reach the milestones you want. Social media engagements never seem to work just right, and you have no clue why anybody won’t buy and play your game. You try pitching it to a publisher, only to reject it just because they don’t like it or it’s outside what they publish. Running a successful game series is hard work. You can’t simply afford to market the good-ol’ fashion way. Good publishers and marketers are hard to find. They never reply to emails, do work that’s rubbish, and then comes all this trouble: they want all your money!

Every time you need a trailer promoted, a new poster or cover made, or a more attention-grabbing image to promote your game, it will cost you money. That money you would normally use for a meal at your favorite restaurant, a short vacation, or a lump sum to reinvest. With all the cash bleeding from you, your marketing bill can easily end up looking like this:

Image courtesy of PayPal

Those numbers do really add up fast. If your game doesn’t demand attention and glue your players into the experience, your sales will suffer. Do you want a dry, lifeless product that shows all just the cover? It’s definitely a no-brainer. Not everyone can create beautiful, attention-grabbing trailers. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time and money to do so.

Is there an alternative? Yes there is. Your goal is presentation of your game, and doing it in a professional manner can help you increase sales. Poor presentation will mean less sales. So many games have seen poor presentation and that’s why they fail. This is why I decided to do something about them. Never again will you have to spend countless hours making trailers and you can fire your video editor.

We’ve got all you need to get your game out and running. This means if you don’t have or can’t afford all the software needed to make your marketing materials, do not hesitate when you can secure our services for a small cost. If your players spend longer looking at the store page, it is more likely they will buy it. If you spend time and money creating your game, players will trust you if your reception is positive and increase your profits.

Poorly-designed games usually get negative reception and sales drop 700%. Keep your players engaged by improving and making updates to the game to optimize player experience. This is a brain-dead simple way for us to get you into the world. Getting a cult following can help drive sales. If your players like what they see, they’ll stick around for a while. What are you waiting for? Contact us today for details!


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