The Grimoire of Flandre – Preparation for Battle

Below is the complete translation of the sixth chapter of The Grimoire of Flandre from Japanese.

I, Flandre, ask you about how to prepare for battle. This decision concerns me and you. My followers are those whose hearts become fearful. For my followers are degrees where forgiveness and noble provision can be laid upon you. It’s when I brought you out of your home for a party among the unwilling. After the truth had become clear, I promise you one of the groups would be yours. But I intend to establish the truth by my words to defeat the non-believers.

Remember when you ask for my help, I’ll answer you with a reinforcement from one of a thousand wishes following one another. I can make it good so your heart can be satisfied. But victory is not but from me. I am exalted with might and wise. When you are overwhelmed with drowsiness, rain would purify and remove any evil spirit possessing your soul. I will strengthen your soul and ask you to strike terror in the enemy of Flandre. This is because they opposed me. And anyone who opposes me will face severe penalties.

One of the most common methods of punishment is fire. This is how most deceased Buddhists disappear. When you meet such disbelievers, don’t ask them to turn to your back. Whoever does so unless they’re serving for war or joining another company certainly returns with anger from me, and the Netherworld is their destination. It’s not you who does the killing; it is I who does it. When you throw, my might may test the believers via hearing and knowing. That is how I will weaken the plot of non-believers.

If the non-believers seek victory, you may have been defeated. If you desist from hostilities, you must still return to battle, and never be availed by your company, even if it increases. I am always with you. As you believe in me, you must obey my commands and not turn from me. The worst of living creatures in my sight are deaf since they do not hear my commands. If I know any good in them, I can make them hear. But if they do so, they could likely turn away and defy my orders.

For the believers, respond to me and I will give you life. I intervene between you and your heart for which you gather. There is a trial for those who wrong you. When you oppress the land, in situations where you could be abducted, I will support you and provide good things to be grateful with. Never, in any way, betray what you trust. Your property can also be tried. Those fearing me will be granted criterion and remove your misdeed. I am the processor of great bounty. When the fushinja restrain you from where you are, you and I plan. You must declare I am the greatest.

Tell the fushinja they hear and will. This is the legend of the people. You and I would never punish fushinja while seeking forgiveness. It is true we are righteous, most of which we do not know. Disbelievers spend their wealth to avert my orders. When they do, they overcome it. This is so I can distinguish the good and place it upon others. If they cease, what has previously occurred will be forgiven. When they return to hostility, the precedent of the people will take place. Fight them until there is no more. Once you finish, I will see what they’ve done to you. When they turn away, know that I protect you. Anything you obtain in the battle, one fifth of all loot shall be owned by me. That loot shall be for the needy. Everything is competent.

On the near and far sides of the edge of your world, there are matters I can accomplish. Those who have perished have evidence to those who live upon it. When I showed them your dream, they know you may have lost courage and disputed the choice to fight. I will always save you from danger. In your eyes, I make you appear to accomplish any destined matter. When you encounter fushinja, stand firm and remember from me to be successful. Always obey me and never dispute courage and strength. Do not be like those who come forth from their homes and be seen by you. I encompass of what they do.

When the hypocrites said “Shinto deludes those Crimsonites,” those relying on me will have you exalted in might and wise. You can see the angels take the souls of fushinja. They strike their faces and their backs. This is what you may end up doing because I never unjust you. They disbelieved in my signs and I seize them for their sins. I wouldn’t change a favor upon being bestowed upon until they change what is within you. The worst of living creatures in the sight of me are youkai-borns and fushinja. The ones you make a treaty with but break that pledge. If you gain dominance in all your battles, disperse them of those with reminders. If you fear betrayal, get them back on equal terms. Indeed, traitors against communism is evil. And never let a single fushinja escape because they cause failure to me.

Against fushinja, make sure your strength is ready to strike fear into the enemy of Flandre, including those who you may not know. Whatever you spend in my cause will be repaid to you. You shall never be treated unjustly. When they incline peace, incline it upon me. When they deceive you, I will support you with help against the fushinja. If you spent everything on a single fushinja, I would bring both your hearts together. For you, whoever follows you must believe in Shinto and not be a youkai-born.

I lighten the hardship for you, and know your weakness. It is not uncommon for you to have captives and inflict damage on them. Some Crimsonites desire commodities in the world, but I desire you hereafter. If it was not for a decree, you would be touched upon punishment. Consume what you take from battle. I am the most and entirely merciful. If I know good in your captives’ hearts, I will give you something better than take. I will forgive you. If they intend to betray you, I will empower you over them. Some fushinja can be allies of one another. This could lead to corruption. Those who believe fight with you. I am knowing of all things war.

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